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Who We Are

My pet sitting service, Furry Buddies In Home Pet Services, was established in 1997. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong sense of connection to animals. My passion led to many years of volunteer work for animal welfare; including hundreds of hours doing animal rescue work with homeless pets, and volunteering at the Schuylkill Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

While working as a Veterinary Technician at the Chestnut Hill Cat Clinic, one evening I was dining at the Valley Green Inn. (For those of you unfamiliar with the restaurant, it’s on the Wissahickon Trail set in a wooded area along the water). My daughter, a child at the time, was feeding the ducks, and brought to my attention many stray kittens sitting in the woods. This began my efforts in reducing the cat population via TNR, (Trap, Neuter, Release), and finding homes for the placeable ones.

After the colony was managed, the opportunity arose to travel abroad. I was looking forward to taking a sabbatical and re-assessing my life goals. However, I felt uncomfortable about confining my dog and five cats (two of which are feral), to cages in unfamiliar surroundings, for any length of time. While trying to find a capable and qualified person to come into my home to look after my pets, I had an epiphany. I was the most qualified person I knew who was capable of providing excellent pet care. At that moment it all came together for me.  After all those years of experience in handling animals, I had finally found what I wanted to do! On that very day, I placed an ad in the local paper and Furry Buddies has been growing ever since. (I never did go on the trip!)

“CaroleAnne is a dynamic one-stop sitter who can manage any situation. I don’t worry about my cats’ health because CaroleAnne is an extremely observant vet-tech. I know that their emotional needs are fulfilled by the way they respond to her when she comes in the house. She goes above and beyond what she is asked to do, even when that includes feeding the birds, the turtles, the fish, watering plants or whatever other issues I didn’t have time to do before I left. She gives me peace of mind and I wouldn’t go away without her.”
Brenda Malinics, Andorra, PA

Love and care when you’re not there!

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