Abington PA 19001 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Abington PA 19001 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Whether you have a bouncing puppy or a senior pet we offer qualified dog walking & pet sitting services in Abington, PA 19001. We want you to leave your home with peace of mind when you go to work, holidays, vacations, business travel or to be hospitalized. FURRY BUDDIES will provide love and care when you can’t be there and provide quality companionship tailored to your pets individual needs.

Besides Dog Walking services for the 19001 area of Abington, PA, we also offer Animal & House sitting, Administering of Medication, Senior Pet care, Nail trimmings and Transportation. We are available 24/7 including holidays and we are Vet recommended!

Newton-abington-19001-furry-buddies-pet-sitting-dog-walkingThis is Newton. He is my one year-old miniature wire-haired dachshund. He is named after the late physicist Sir Isaac Newton. Much like his namesake, puppy Newton is inquisitive, pragmatic and incredibly tenacious. We await puppy Newton’s contributions to the world that we’re sure will rival, if not surpass those of his namesake. In the meantime, we’ll pass on his current idea for a puppy mattress that has been shred to pieces. But his excitable nature and curiosity is something we try to encourage through alternate ways. We’re learning that he is a social guy who thrives in the company of other canines. The energy he’s been using to shred fabric is now being channeled into the discovery of the world around him through long walks with new friends in unfamiliar places. This personalized approach is how I take care of all my pets.

Whenever I meet a new four-legged friend, I try to gauge their personality. Using what I learn from the owner about them, as well as my own impressions through our one-on-one sessions, I create a personalized session for them. I walk, feed and play with all of my pups. But some pets prefer slower, long walks that cover less ground because this way they can take in as many enticing scents as possible. On the other hand, some of my pups fly out the door the second their leash is on, and only stop to smell the flowers when they need to take care of their business. This is just one example of the ways I individualize the services my pets need.   

At Furry Buddies it is our greatest joy to provide the best possible individualized service we can to your own furry buddies.

Maria is based in Hatboro and services Furry Buddies in Jenkintown, Abington and Elkins Park.

“CaroleAnne is a dynamic one-stop sitter who can manage any situation. I don’t worry about my cats’ health because CaroleAnne is an extremely observant vet-tech. I know that their emotional needs are fulfilled by the way they respond to her when she comes in the house. She goes above and beyond what she is asked to do, even when that includes feeding the birds, the turtles, the fish, watering plants or whatever other issues I didn’t have time to do before I left. She gives me peace of mind and I wouldn’t go away without her.”

Brenda Malinics, Andorra, PA

Abington PA 19001 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

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