Ambler PA 19002 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Ambler PA 19002 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

We want you to be able to leave your home with peace of mind when you go to work, holidays, vacations, business travel or to be hospitalized. FURRY BUDDIES will provide love and care when you can’t be there and provide quality companionship tailored to your pets individual needs.

Besides Dog Walking services for the 19002 area of Ambler, PA, we also offer Animal & House sitting, Administering of Medication, Senior Pet care, Nail trimmings and Transportation. We are available 24/7 including holidays and we are Vet recommended!


This is Boo, I walk her and her brother 3 times a week. She is an older dog so our walks are very slow and easy. She is a very sweet dog who loves belly rubs and treats. She and her brother are always happy to see me and greet me with wagging tails. I really enjoy what I do becasue there’s nothing more rewarding than doggie kisses and wagging tails.  

I highly recommend Furry Buddies for your pet sitting needs. Very reliable with reasonable rates and knowledgeable pet sitters/walkers.

Mona  – Services Ambler and Blue Bell

“CaroleAnne has cared for several of my cats and always been dependable and helpful. She really plays with them and even left a laser toy for one particularly active one who loved it. This was an outdoor cat, who later got hit by a car. CaroleAnne, in her rescuer work, was the one who found her and took her to the vet for me. Alas, we lost her. But CaroleAnne rescued another who looked a bit like her a few months later and called to see if I was ready for a new kitten. She is a very sweet little cat, very affectionate and playful – a good companion and she will be an indoor cat. She got a wonderful socialization at CaroleAnne’s house before she brought her here with all the needed kitten paraphernalia. CaroleAnne answered all my questions and has been very helpful, as usual.

My neighbor relies on her as well and we agree she is the best around. She will also do some of the needed household tasks when I’m away. The animals like her and enjoy playing with her.

I recommend her highly.”

Cathy and Katie, PA

I love all animals ever since I can remember and I believe that they can sense your love for them.  I know from my own experience how important it is to have someone you can count on and trust to take care of your pets and home. Years ago when I used to travel for work and go on vacations I had a wonderful friend who took care of my pets and home like it was her own and I know what peace of mind that gave me to know that I could rely on and trust her to take care of my fur family and home. I do my very best to provide my clients with the same level of trust and comfort I would expect. Over the years I have gained many fur friends and I always look forward to seeing them as much as they always seem to be happy to see me and greet me at their doors.

Gretchen – Services East Norriton

Ambler PA 19002 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

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