Glenside PA 19038 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Glenside PA 19038 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

FURRY BUDDIES will provide love and care when you can’t be there and provide quality companionship tailored to your pets individual needs. We offer qualified dog walking services in Glenside, PA. Leave your home with peace of mind when you go to work, holidays, vacations, business travel or to be hospitalized. FURRY BUDDIES will provide love and care when you can’t be there and provide quality companionship tailored to your pets individual needs.

Besides Dog Walking services for the 19038 area of Glenside, PA, we also offer Animal & House sitting, Administering of Medication, Senior Pet care, Nail trimmings and Transportation. We are available 24/7 including holidays and we are Vet recommended!

charlie-glenside-19038-abington-19001-elkins-park-19027-furry-buddies-pet-sitting-dog-walkingHello, this is Charlie!! She is one of my newest pups and is only about 4 months old. We see each other about 2-3 times weekly and have lots of fun!! While her parents are at work I am able to let her out and give her the attention she needs. Potty break,exercise and lots of loving!! Being in this business for 17 plus years, I have grown to love each and everyone of my four legged children. If you ever need that special person to watch your four legged child, please call Furry Buddies and you won’t be disappointed!!!

Sara – Services Glenside, Abington and Elkins Park

ginny-glenside- 19038-furry-buddies-pet-sitting-dog-walkingThis is Ginny, she is almost a year old and such a cutie! She loves to go on our walks, sniff the bushes and chase the leaves that blow in the wind. She also likes to hang out in the warm sun when we go back to her home, we snuggle and she gives lots of kisses.

I have another sweet puppy named Bailie. She lays on her couch by the front window and when she sees my car come down her driveway, she pops up, looks to make sure it is me and then runs to the back door. When I park and lock my car she starts to bark with excitement. I get to the door and she is jumping up into the air and her whole body wiggles. I walk in and she can’t stop licking me. The greeting just warms my heart and makes me smile. I just love my job.

There are many things I love about my job.  One of those things is the long lasting relationships I have developed with the pets I care for and their owners. Probably the most rewarding benefit of pet sitting is that I get to spend time with many different pets. Every pet is different, which means it never gets boring.  No matter what kind of day I have had they all make me smile and laugh. If you want a service that strives for providing consistently high quality pet care and develop lasting relationships, Furry Buddies is the service for you!

Tina – Services North Hills, Glenside, Dresher, Abington and Jenkintown

“Hi Carole Anne, Hope you are well. Don’t remember if I ever told you how much we appreciated Tina’s services during our vacation.  She was great!”


“Hi Tina, Thank you again for the wonderful job you did earlier this month.”


“Hi CaroleAnne, Neon and I have moved out of the area. Thanks to all at Furry Buddies for years of excellent service. I continue to recommend you to my contemporaries in the region.”

Scott & Neon

flavia-glenside-19038-furry-buddies-pet-sitting-dog-walkingI live in Glenside, and take care of clients in this area, as well as Abington, Jenkintown, Huntingdon Valley & Willow Grove. I am very fortunate to love my job, and I am excited everyday to spend time with all of my four legged clients.

Every dog on my route has their own way of expressing how they feel. There are 2 dogs (in separate houses) that actually smile when they see me. I nicknamed them my Smiley Girls, and of course they make me smile too! One of my clients Mom saw how happy her puppy was when I came to the house that she always calls him my boyfriend. It really makes me feel good to see both the dogs and their parents react so positively on each visit.

I have always had a passion for animals, and over the past 10 years, I have dedicated as much of my time as possible to work with them. I was a volunteer at the Miami shelter, involved with pitbull rescues and have fostered several dogs over the years (some created such a close bond that I could not let them go!) I also have a lot of experience with bully breeds, large dogs, and dogs with behavioral issues/special needs.

Flavia – Services Abington, Jenkintown, Huntington Valley & Willow Grove


Glenside PA 19038 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

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