Mt Airy PA 19119 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Mt Airy PA 19119 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

As professional dog walkers in the Mt. Airy area of Philadelphia (19119), and having our own pets, we know how important it is to know your dog walker will treat your dog with gentle kindness, love and understanding. We will cater to their needs, whether you have a bouncing puppy or a senior pet.

We offer qualified dog walking services the Mt. Airy area of Philadelphia (19119). We want you to leave your home with peace of mind when you go to work, holidays, vacations, business travel or to be hospitalized. FURRY BUDDIES will provide love and care when you can’t be there and provide quality companionship tailored to your pets individual needs.

Besides Dog Walking services for the 19001 are of Abington, PA, we also offer Animal & House sitting, Administering of Medication, Senior Pet care, Nail trimmings and Transportation. We are available 24/7 including holidays and we are Vet recommended!

mt-airy-19119-chestnut-hill-19118-furry-buddies-pet-sitting-dog-walkingHi! My name is Jenny and I am a lifelong pet owner and a lifelong resident of Mount Airy. I have been caring for pets, my own and neighbors’, all of my life, and I have been working for Furry Buddies for about 5 years. I also work as a substitute teacher and as an adult language teacher. My family has been a client of Furry Buddies when we go away, and we have been very happy with the care provided for own cats and dogs by several Furry Buddies sitters.

I care for pets mostly in Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill, but I have also taken care of furry and feathery critters for Furry Buddies in Fort Washington, Roxborough, Cheltenham and elsewhere in the area. I have cared for cats, dogs, birds and fish, and have loved every part of it.

As a pet owner myself, I always look forward to meeting new clients and their pets, and find that as pet owners and as animal lovers, we usually have a lot in common. Over my years with Furry Buddies, I have shared countless stories with fellow pet owners about the sometimes crazy things that we as pet owners do to accommodate our furry (and other) friends. I always enjoy sharing these stories with people who, like myself, consider pets to be a part of the family, and who would do anything for our furry, feathered and scaled friends. And, of course, I love meeting, caring for, playing and cuddling with, and walking these family members. I truly enjoy the time I spend with every family member, of every species, through my work with Furry Buddies.

When I am away from home, I always miss my “furry buddies” tremendously, and when I come home, whether from a trip or from my daily activities, the first thing I look forward to doing is seeing my own cats and dogs, and to cuddling with them. As a pet owner and animal lover myself, I understand how much pet owners miss their very special family members when they are away, and I feel very lucky as a pet sitter with Furry Buddies to be able to share some of my love for my own special friends with other people’s pets when they are not able to be there.

Jenny – Services Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy

Mt Airy PA 19119 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

“I’m so grateful for Furry Buddies, the pets are my biggest charge right now, and having this broken ankle would have made it impossible for me to care for them and myself. Plus all the added stress of figuring out where to send them. But you took that stress right out of all this.

Jen and Gail are great. Santi likes them a lot.  He wants to play each time with Gail, I wonder if she reminds him of someone. He does get overzealous with her cause he’s so happy. Lot of puppy energy, but I think he’s getting used to the routine.”


Mt Airy PA 19119 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

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