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Celebrate our Furry Buddies

Clients Pets – Celebrate our Furry Buddies

We celebrate and pay homage to our furry buddies and life companions by posting their photos and telling why we love them so much! All our clients are welcome to send their pets photos and tells us a little bit about them.

furry-buddies-love-SoopkyThis is “Spooky” RIP (October 1996 to September 2015).
Spooky was rescued from the Valley Green Inn shortly before I started my pet sitting business.
It is in fact the rescues at the Inn that lead me to start my pet sitting business. Spooky, in a way can be considered a founding member of the business that now enable so many cats, dogs, birds and many other furry buddies to receive so much love and care.
She was a incredibly loving cat who would follow me and always look for my company.
Spooky just passed away at the age of almost 20 years old.
– Caroleanne Hensley – Owner of Furry Buddies 

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