Pet Owner Checklist

Pre-Trip Preparations to help us do the best job possible

Advice from your Pet Sitter

“Pick a special communication spot, like the kitchen counter on the table. On each visit, the pet sitter looks for notes from you in that spot and leaves daily notes there when the visit is complete.”

Pre-Trip Preparations to help us do the best job possible

  1. Set thermostats or AC units/fans at temperatures that will be comfortable for your pets. Leave operating instructions adjustments.
  2. Leave payment for assignment for us to collect on the first visit.
  3. Stock up on enough paper towels, pet food, kitty litter, medication, etc., to last your entire trip. Consider leaving extra supplies in case you are delayed. Fees will be charged if we have to ‘shop’ for supplies.
  4. Clean the litter boxes and fill with fresh litter before leaving.
  5. Count heads just before leaving.
  6. Inform neighbors who may be looking out for your property that a pet sitter will be making visits to your home.
  7. Leave your emergency contact numbers. Call the office or email, at least one of the numbers, in the event we can’t enter your home.
  8. If you have a security alarm system, please notify the company that a pet sitter will be coming to your home. Provide us with a password in case the alarm goes off.
  9. Keep all information in your client profile current; i.e., phone numbers, vet info, etc. You can contact us anytime at (215) 836-2739 or to verify that your information is correct.
  10. Please let us know of anyone that has your permission to enter your home while you are away.
  11. Leave out a FLASHLIGHT in case of power outages. Tell us where the power boxes are located (fuses or switches).
  12. Be sure to let us know if your departure or return is delayed. Take your phone number with you in case you need to call us.
  13. During the winter season pre-arrange snow removal of sidewalks, in addition to the driveway if this is our access route to enter your home. Leave salt, shovel and broom accessible.
  14. In the event of severe snow or ice storm, or other natural disasters, please provide us with the neighbors’ or friends’ contact information (they should have access to the key). We may need to call on them to cover a visit or two.
  15. Update us if the pet has been ill, gotten into the garbage, or a different food so that we know to watch for vomiting or diarrhea. Please don’t start any new medication within 24 hours of your departure to avoid possible adverse reactions. If this is unavoidable, keep in mind we may need to do additional visits.
  16. If the pet has had a recent injury, so that we aren’t surprised to see sudden limping and then assume something just happened and/ or if there should be exercise restrictions for any reason.
  17. Call the office as soon as you return so that we KNOW you are home safely. This call can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (215) 836-2738 or


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