“Furry Buddies offered me and my family peace of mind over the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Our pet-sitter (Flavia) was great at keeping in touch and even sent us a picture of Whisper during one of her walks. 

Our cat, Biscuit, is usually spooked when we come back after being away for a day or two.  Not so this time! She was perfectly calm and I doubt she even noticed we were gone. 

I know my pets were in the best hands and would absolutely use their services again.  Thank you!”  – Vanessa Ryan, PA

“Thanks CaroleAnne!

Very much appreciate your service and I cannot say enough good words about Sara. I was happy to recommend her to my neighbor, who is going away for a week starting this Saturday and I believe Sara will be pet sitting for her. Tom and I feel entirely confident leaving our kitties in Sara’s care every time we go away. She is extremely conscientious, dedicated, and goes above and beyond in her care. We appreciate the communication she provides while we are away, and we see the effects when we come home – the kitties are happy to see us, for sure, but we can tell that they have been so well taken care of.

We had a pet sitter that we had used essentially all of our kitties’ lives, who had retired from pet sitting but was still sitting for our cats because he loved them so much. However, he eventually had to stop because the number of litter boxes we use for our cats became too much for him – he is elderly. We were so worried about replacing him because they knew him well and he was so good with them, and one of our cats is very skittish. But Sara has just been amazing. We could not be happier. Thank you for sending her to us!”

“I travel frequently for work and am so glad that I can always count on FurryBuddies to take care of my cat while I am gone. Sara is an amazing sitter, very trustworthy and I know she gives my cat lots of love!! I also really appreciate the updates/texts she provides. I am extremely grateful to be able to rely on these services, makes me feel better about leaving my cat knowing he is in good hands with Sara!” – JT

“I just wanted to reach out regarding our positive experience with Kim Postgate as she took care of our two cats while we were on vacation. This was our first time hiring someone to watch over our pets while we were gone. I feel like Kim made leaving the cats at home very stress-free. She was more than happy to send pictures when we asked for them (because we missed the kids). When we returned, I very much appreciated the daily logs that Kim left for us. I feel like she did everything she could to care for my cats as if they were her own. I also feel that she went above and beyond what I expected from her to care for my cats. Because of Kim’s care and her services, we feel confident about using Furry Buddies in the future. I never felt worried about their well-being or the safe keeping of my home. which is a relief when you’re on vacation. I want to thank Kim and Furry Buddies for caring for our cats.”  J & G

“The service we received from Furry Buddies was exceptional. From the initial visit on, we were able to fully trust Dan with our 2 wild and crazy dogs. He was always professional, kind and dependable. I can’t thank Furry Buddies and Dan enough for the peace of mind you offered us each day!”JW

“We have used Furry-Buddies for several years. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and focused on communication with owners. We have had (and have) pets with health issues and we feel very comfortable leaving them in the care of FB.”MC

“We have been so pleased with our experience using your services for cat-sitting when we are away. Our cats are well taken care of, and that includes affection as well as food and water, and litter box work. Knowing that they will be in good hands makes our times away so much less stressful. A bonus is that sometimes Brittney sends us pictures of our “girls” when we are away–which I find myself looking at when I miss them. Thanks for all your efforts. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”Robert

“I would highly recommend Furry Buddies. CaroleAnne arranged to have Sara take care of my cats while I was on vacation. Sara sent me text updates/pics and for that I was truly grateful.  When I came home I even received a Daily Diary and a Pet Report Card!  My home (and more importantly) my kitties were well taken care of.  Many thanks to CaroleAnne and Sara for giving me peace of mind while being away from my 2 best friends!” –  Donna Douglass, PA

“CaroleAnne is a dynamic one-stop sitter who can manage any situation. I don’t worry about my cats’ health because CaroleAnne is an extremely observant vet-tech. I know that their emotional needs are fulfilled by the way they respond to her when she comes in the house. She goes above and beyond what she is asked to do, even when that includes feeding the birds, the turtles, the fish, watering plants or whatever other issues I didn’t have time to do before I left. She gives me peace of mind and I wouldn’t go away without her.”Brenda Malinics, Andorra, PA

“CaroleAnne has cared for several of my cats and always been dependable and helpful. She really plays with them and even left a laser toy for one particularly active one who loved it. This was an outdoor cat, who later got hit by a car. CaroleAnne, in her rescuer work, was the one who found her and took her to the vet for me. Alas, we lost her. But CaroleAnne rescued another who looked a bit like her a few months later and called to see if I was ready for a new kitten. She is a very sweet little cat, very affectionate and playful – a good companion and she will be an indoor cat. She got a wonderful socialization at CaroleAnne’s house before she brought her here with all the needed kitten paraphernalia. CaroleAnne answered all my questions and has been very helpful, as usual.

My neighbor relies on her as well and we agree she is the best around. She will also do some of the needed household tasks when I’m away. The animals like her and enjoy playing with her.

I recommend her highly.”Cathy and Katie, PA

“I wanted to thank CaroleAnne for the superb attention and professional care that she provids to my marmalade female cat, Ginger. I have had Ginger with me since 1997 and it has been a great pleasure and privilege since I am fond of cats and Ginger is exceptional. Unexpectedly she has more than her share of serious illnesses and CaroleAnne has been such a superb help during her problems.

CaroleAnne has been able to simply check on her regularly when I was away and if needed administer intravenous injections when she was suffering from serious urinary track infections. I know CaroleAnne is a principal factor in helping her survive these attacks. My hat is off to you.

Best of all, Ginger likes you very much and cooperates with you completely. Many, many thanks for your frequent support and help. We would not have gotten through the past several years without your caring and thoughtful attention.

Thank you very much for being such a reliable friend and support.”Bob Brown,  PA

“I have been a client with Carole Anne Hensley for over 6 years and I can’t say enough good things about her as a person and as a pet sitting business owner. She is a credit to her profession. She shows dedication and compassion that many people could learn from. CaroleAnne goes beyond the call of her responsibilities such as transporting animals in the middle of the night when they are in an emergent situation, going out at all hours to check on them and going that extra mile to give them the care they need. She has excellent intuition in picking up on something that doesn’t quite seem right when an animal is just not themself. I have experienced this first hand with my cat that she took care of. She’s compassionate and loving and treats animals as if they were her own. Her dedication can’t be matched.”Anonymous

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