Chestnut Hill PA 19118 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Chestnut Hill PA 19118 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

If you live in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia you can use our qualified dog walking services. When you to leave your home to go to work, holidays, vacations, business travel or to be hospitalized, we can give you with peace of mind. FURRY BUDDIES will provide love and care when you can’t be there and provide quality companionship tailored to your pets individual needs.

Besides Dog Walking services for the 19118 area of Chestnut Hill, PA, we also offer Animal & House sitting, Administering of Medication, Senior Pet care, Nail trimmings and Transportation. We are available 24/7 including holidays and we are Vet recommended!

Za-chestnut-hill-19118-mt-airy-19119-furry-buddies-pet-sitting-dog-walkingMeet Za! He is a strong and healthy outside cat who lives with his brother and mother in a safe and protected spot near to my home. This young feral family was trapped with the help of CaroleAnne in 2007, neutered and released (TNR) to live their lives where they were discovered. The six month old kittens were too feral to be brought inside for socialization by then. After finding Za’s grandmother and her last Tom nearby and two more successful TNRs, I have since maintained the two distinct ear-tipped groups. The tip shows they were/are feral and are neutered.

Providing for their food, water and shelter thru hard winters, earning their trust and receiving their love has taught me sensitivity to feline ways that I now offer to my client cats in Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy.  For almost two years I have been visiting and helping shy and older cats clients adjust to being alone. I bring sensitive experience to rescue cat clients. I engage all my cats in whatever level of activity they are fit for and/or need and I travel with a laser toy. I enjoy bonding by quiet grooming. To the parent client I offer my knowledge of Natural Animal Nutrition including raw food and tips for outside cat care when asked.

At Furry Buddies we are focused on serving each animal as a beloved and unique individual. Many of my clients have said they know their cats are well cared for by how relaxed and how good they look upon their return. Our professional services give you peace of mind knowing your animals are in good hands.
Nancy – Services Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy

big-al-cookie-rocky-chestnut-hill-19118-mt-airy-19119-furry-buddies-pet-sitting-dog-walkingHi! I’m Big Al and this is my sister, Cookie. We don’t mind when our parents go away because we know we get to see Blakey! She takes us for long walks, gives lots of affection and a special treat. We know that she has lots of experience as a veterinary nurse so we’re safe with her. So if your parents go on a trip without you, don’t worry, you’ll have a great time with Furry Buddies! Take it from me, I’m Big Al.

Blakey – Services Chestnut Hill, Mount Airy and Flourtown

henry-chestnut-hill-19118-furry-buddies-pet-sitting-dog-walkingHenry lives in Chestnut Hill with a wonderful mom and dad and two kitty sisters. I visit Henry twice each week day for lots of exercise. He is a youngster that tips the scales at 100 pounds! He gives me a lot of exercise too, as I try to keep up on our daily jaunts. He’s also a smarty pants, and recently tried to reject the notion of coming back into the house. Knowing from my horse-training days that you can’t move a big stubborn boy by muscle alone, I made it fun for him to come back inside every day, and of course, Henry’s favorite treat always helps. His mom was very pleased with his quick change of attitude. We’re both very happy animals to see each other every morning and afternoon.

Jen – Services Chestnut Hill

“I have been a client with Carole Anne Hensley for over 6 years and I can’t say enough good things about her as a person and as a pet sitting business owner. She is a credit to her profession. She shows dedication and compassion that many people could learn from. CaroleAnne goes beyond the call of her responsibilities such as transporting animals in the middle of the night when they are in an emergent situation, going out at all hours to check on them and going that extra mile to give them the care they need. She has excellent intuition in picking up on something that doesn’t quite seem right when an animal is just not themself. I have experienced this first hand with my cat that she took care of. She’s compassionate and loving and treats animals as if they were her own. Her dedication can’t be matched.”


Chestnut Hill PA 19118 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

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